I’m not asking why, just… How come?

Such tactics as buzzwords, the inter-web, and restructuring the question won me an undergraduate degree. Yeah, that’s not going to work here. Here, we sleep 4 hours a night only to complete a solid 49% of our required tasks (on a good day), and make up for it by daydreaming of our days as original G’s in our respective field. For some of us, (you know who you are) that means profiting from the system already in place. For some of us (you know who you are), that means changing that same system in order to witness the unfolding of international humanitarian projects that you helped create. For some of us (you don’t know who you are), that means changing the world.

From what I know of my classmates, we already have done an unrealistically amazing job of impacting our respective world’s. Or World capital ‘W’, for those of you who think we’re all in this together (you know who you are). Kudos to Brad Miller for his secret selection formula for rocking student bodies ( I mean the student body as a whole, not… n/m). And Kudos to us for suspending reality to immerse ourselves in this dreamworld of theory vs practice, finance vs development, us vs them. Every day has been an adventure. Maybe it’s the opposite of seasonal depression because the weather here remains at a cloudless 78.2 all day, only to drop into breezy 60’s at night. Maybe it’s that our minds are expanding with new information and new relationships. One can never be too sure about how it is that life’s magic suddenly opens your eyes. I’m not crazy, this place is really great, and we’re really great. I can attribute my current ‘sleep when I’m dead’  lifestyle to said magic. And besides, sleep’s overrated . Thank the universe for kafe (and int’l students teaching you new words, among other things).

So, enough about them, let’s talk about me. I’m a Development turned GFTEI (are  you ready for the cracking of that code? Wait for it… waaaiiit… Global Finance, Trade, and Economic Integration) Master’s Candidate with a certification in Global Health on the MI track (meaning I’ll be leaving for Peace Corps after course completion…contingent upon course completion, I should say). I’m not doing as well as I want, but I’m doing as well as I can, and well is well. As the Dalai Lama says, “All you can do is all you can do. If you can’t do it, don’t worry about it!” I like that philosophy. But I’m a DL fan girl, so.

So, yes, things are intense, and sensory input is in overload-mode at all times. And I thought I was anxious when I was applying. HA! it’s only the beginning… wahahahaha…. but seriously folks, if you have the je ne se quois, and are ready to apply, please feel free to call text email carrier pigeon anytime.


We’re all in this together,

Moriah Lee (taking suggestions for cool coin names)







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